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Recycling and Waste disposal

We'd like to encourage staff to go through their offices / laboratory spaces and get rid of all items that they don't really need any more. Generic information is provided below relating to the recycling / disposal of many "normal" types of general waste.

Before you start

Before you start, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it hazardous in some way?  (e.g. paints, oils, chemicals, etc.). If the answer is yes, please refer to the main "what to do with it" page to identify the correct route for disposal.
  •  Is it sensitive in some way?  (e.g. confidential papers, disks, videos, etc.).  If the answer is yes, please ensure that it is disposed of as confidential waste.
  • If your item could be easily and safely used by someone else, could it be given a new lease of life?
  •  If it is broken or cannot be reused, could it be recycled?

Please note, we are only interested in items which are in your office! As much as we'd like to encourage you to carry on the good work at home, it is illegal to dispose of your household waste in the University's waste disposal facilities. Sorry!

Paper   Paper, cardboard and envelopes

Office paper, newsprint, telephone directories, magazines

Use clear recycling sacks. Do not overfill sacks. If individual items are heavy then do NOT fill the sacks.  All sacks need to be tied and one person must be able to lift them. Sacks can be requested at your local admin office.


Open and flatten all boxes. Tie your boxes up or contain them within another box. Make sure your bundles are lift able please.  Leave the flattened boxes in the corridor outside your office for the cleaners to pick up the next morning.

Window / non-window envelopes

If these cannot be reused, please place these into recycling sacks along with other mixed paper.

Padded envelopes

Padded (e.g. "Jiffy") envelopes cannot be recycled.  Please reuse them by sticking an address label over the old address (and if necessary over the old stamp / frank).  If you are not likely to reuse them, please hand them to your local admin office for others to reuse. If they cannot be reused, please place these into your normal office bin.

Confidential waste   Confidential waste

All paper-based confidential items

Option 1: Shred it yourself if you have suitable shredders in your area. The shredded paper should then be placed into a paper recycling sack.

Option 2: Collect in a red confidential waste sack. Once full, these will be sent for confidential disposal. Please contact your local admin office to obtain empty sacks and after you have filled the sack. Full sacks will be kept by your local admin office in appropriate accommodation until collection.

Books   Books

If you have books or journals you want to donate to general school use, please put them in either room 4.34 or room 1.31.

Stationery   Stationery

Unused items of office stationery, unwanted items with a "life" in them still (e.g. diaries, note pads, pens, etc)

Please hand all unused items of stationery into your local admin office or put it with the rest of the stationery in the printerrooms for re-use.

IT equipment   IT equipment

Please contact Computing Support regarding any old or unwanted IT equipment.

Small equipment   Electrical equipment

Other non-IT electrical / electronic equipment (e.g. kettles, toasters, microwaves)

Please let your local admin office know about this equipment.

General waste   Other recyclable items

Plastic bottles, drinks cans, etc

Please wash and squash all items and place into your normal office bin.  These sacks are sent off site for segregation and recycling.


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