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Issues update

There are still works to be carried out in the Forum. These items are not all the responsibility of the contractors. Some items will be organised by the University or Informatics. If new issues pop-up, please keep reporting these to forum-issues@inf.

Where to find general information?

The Forum user guide tries to include all information on the use of the Forum, it now also incorporates information on recycling and a first draft of a phone manual. If you miss information on certain topics, please let me know via email (mvugts@inf).

Different wiki's:

Over the past months several wiki's have been created that deal with different issues in the Forum:

Forum User Group:

Forum Meeting Room Committee:

Outstanding works

Update on (major) items

Please note, the items below are in alphabetical order and NOT in order of importance. 


There are several different issues regarding the acoustics:

1) Room – to – Room

They have revisited all offices to check and where necessary add or redo the seals at the top of the partition walls. Last week the builders carried out a visual inspection of all heads of partition walls to double check that no office had been missed out. They have identified a number of rooms, which have been either missed partially or fully, that still need to be sealed. We are awaiting confirmation of which rooms this applies to. We are also waiting for the latest test results.

2) Room – to – Corridor

We are waiting for a proposal for this.

3) Glass doors to offices & meeting rooms

We are waiting for a proposal for this.

4) SW printer rooms

There will be additional acoustic panels placed in the printer rooms as well as extra sound insulation to the offices facing these printer rooms.

5) Meeting rooms

An additional seal will be added to the doors to meeting rooms 1.15, 1.16, 3.07 (Instrumented Meeting Room), 4.31 and 4.33. Most of these have already been done. Additionally, there will be extra acoustic panels placed in the meeting rooms on the Ground floor to improve the acoustics.

6) School office suite

Extra seals will be added to the doors connecting the boardroom to the head of School office.


1) Controls

There was an intermittent fault that caused the system to switch off the pumps, which meant it shut down almost all heating to the entire building. There have been several modifications to the controls that seem to have solved the problem. At the moment Estates are monitoring this on a daily basis to make sure that this issue has been completely solved.

2) External temperature reader

It was discovered that the external thermometer that let the system know how cold it is outside (and as a result how hot the water that runs through the radiators needs to be), picked up heat from the sun. This has now been moved to a corner where it does not pick up extra heat.

3) Trench heating

When investigating the problems with trench heating the contractors found out that the claims from the manufacturer regarding the output of these heaters cannot be accomplished. The units will have to be replaced. Where there is enough space in the trench additional elements will be installed. After this a number of rooms will still not have the desired output. In these areas they are looking into either adding an extra trench (e.g. G.03) or adding an extra radiator. This will be a flat panel in certain areas (e.g. 1.15; 1.16) or the same type of radiator as we already have in most of the offices.

4) Exposed soffit

Specific offices on level 1 and one office on level 2 are directly above an external area. The air coming through the diffusers in these offices is significantly colder than in other offices. They are checking the insulation under the floor to find out what needs to be done to resolve this issue. Additionally, a smoke test will be carried out for further checks.

5) Balcony offices

There is still an issue with air ingress in the balcony offices. The thresholds at the balcony doors will need to be replaced/added.


Most issues have been resolved, the outstanding ones will all be dealt with as soon as possible.
Please keep reporting any lighting issues to Froum-Issues@inf so that Marije can report them to the company dealing with the remaining lighting issues.

For an explanation on how the lighting should work, please see the Forum user guide.

Movable wall G.07/G.07A

The company thinks they have found the fault that was causing problems and that it should now all function as it is supposed to.


The hot and cold water units in both coffee points and pantries are not working properly. The contractors are looking at both types and are liaising with the manufacturers to get these issues resolved. There is a discussion ongoing to sort out an interim alternative solution, while resolving the current issues.


The sensor flushes in the disabled toilets came from a faulty batch. Apparently, all flushes in the UK came from this faulty batch. They are now being replaced by units that come directly from the manufacturer in Germany.


Several solutions to improve the ventilation will be carried out:

1) Air quality

As there have been several complaints about the quality of the air in certain offices, CO2 readings will be taken to check this.

2) Increased capacity

By upgrading the existing handling units we can increase the air that comes through the floor diffusers with about 15%. This will be accomplished by replacing the motors with larger ones and changing the fan scroll in one of the units.

3) Opening up the roof

A number of glass panels on the roof will be replaced by automated grilles that will allow more air to escape at the top of the building. Planning permission will need to be gotten for this (it has now been approved)


They are looking into ways of solving the lack of a friction stay on the larger windows in the Forum. They are looking at both a tilt function and a window stay that could be installed on our windows.

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