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Phone instructions

As the printed phone manual is not very helpful I have started our own manual. If you have questions regarding the use of the phone in your office, please let me know (mvugts@inf) and I will find out how it works and update the manual.


This green button will mute the ringer on your phone. When activated RMUTE will start to flicker. When called the red light on the top right corner of your phone will light up.

Call back

When dialling a number which is engaged the abbreviation CB (call back) will appear above one of the green buttons on your phone. To activate call back press this button and you will be called back (callback will show on the display of your phone) when the number you were trying to reach becomes available.

Contrast of LCD screen

To change the contrast of the LCD screen use the volume control buttons when the handset is on the hook. These buttons do change the volume of the handset when the handset is picked up.


To dial one of the last 5 numbers called, press the button between the # and bottom function key. Pressing once will show the last number called, pressing it again will show the number before that and so on. It stores the previous 5 numbers. To place the call press #.

Function keys

These are the 4 keys down the right hand side of your phone. The top one is always your own line. The other 3 are as standard programmed as (from top to bottom): Forward all calls / Forward on no answer / Forward busy.

To activate one of these take the receiver off the hook, press the key and dial the number you want to forward to. To cancel take the receiver of the hook and press the key.

Hold function

To put a call on hold press the button at the bottom left (next to the R-button). When someone is put on hold, the number in the display and the top function button will start to flicker. To get the call back you need to press the function button on your phone.

Phone book

The function Pbook on your LCD screen allows you to enter numbers into the phone book.

To enter names and numbers:
- Press Pbook
- Choose Local and then Add
- Fill in name using the numeric keys and press OK
- Key in phone number and press OK

To call someone from the phonebook:
- Press Pbook
- Choose Local and then Srch
- Type in first letter of name and choose OK
- With UP and DOWN button you can scroll through names
- Pick up handset to call

Transferring calls

To transfer a call press the 'R' button at the bottom of the phone and dial the phone number you want to transfer to.

Speaker phone

While on a call if you wish to activate "Hands-free", simply push the bottom right button (with the speaker symbol).  It will illuminate, then you are free to replace the handset and use it as a speaker phone.  The button diagonally left of the speaker button is the microphone switch.

Speed dialing

The speed dialing function can be set-up by phones on one of the function keys on your phone. To get speed dialing set-up on your phone, please email forum-issues@inf.

When speed dialing is set-up on your phone, you can programme the key via the following steps:

- Press the 'arrow' key

- Press the 'speed dial' key you want to programme

- Type in the number

- Press the 'arrow' key once more

- Display should show 'Speed Set'

Volume handset

To change the volume of the handset use the volume control buttons.  Please be aware that the handset needs to be picked up. If it is left on the hook the volume control buttons will adjust the contrast on the LCD screen!

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