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Recycling in the Forum

As it stands the waste that is put into the clear bagged bins is put into our Mixed Recycling Stream, taken off site to be segragated and recycled. Such bins are the ones under your desk and in drinking areas (covers the

majority of bins).

There are treecyclers dotted about the building to recycle paper/card. Large cardboard that does not fit in the bin should be flattened and tucked behind the treeycler - cleaners will take this away when it builds up.

Please tip liquids down the drain before putting the packaging into a bin. It is important to know that packaging types do not need to be separated on-site as this is done off-site at a MRF.

For more info please visit, click on the waste link on the right hand side.

Please also see the posters supplied by the waste department:

For more info on recycling in the Forum, please see our page on recycling and waste disposal.


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